• Modern Art 2011

    January 16th, 2011 by Michal


    BOISE, Idaho (May 5th, 2011) – The Modern Hotel is opening its doors for the 4th annual Modern Art event on Thursday, May 5th from 5-9pm. Over 80 artists have been invited to participate in Modern Art 2011, and for one evening they will transform the design hotel’s 38 Mid-Century modern rooms into everything from mini-gallery spaces to interactive pieces to full scale installations. Last year more than 3,000 visitors got an intimate view of work by artists of various disciplines in a 4 hour creative blitz.

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  • Mad Men and Martinis- April

    April 4th, 2010 by webAdmin

    Mad Men Cars (and bicycles)

    When planning the last Mad Men affair, we had visions of the Modern parking lot filled with mid-century cars and motorcycles. We hoped for an entire display of the mid-century lifestyle- from transportation to dress.Being the last Mad Men party, it should go out with bang (or a rumble).


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  • Mad Men and Martinis- March

    March 8th, 2010 by webAdmin

    I have baggage, but not luggage…
    Another month of mid-century fun at The Modern Hotel and Bar. This month guests were captured as they entered the hotel to check in for another salacious affair. In addition to the usual martini glasses and Lucky Strikes, guests were encouraged to wield vintage luggage to highlight their mid-century dress in the newest installment of the photo series by Rachel Reichert and Seth Ogilvie. READ MORE »

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  • MODERN ARTISTS FOR 2010, First Thursday, May 6

    February 16th, 2010 by webAdmin

    Modern Art at the Modern Hotel 2010

    Modern Art at the Modern Hotel 2010

    Rooms by Number

    101- John Taye, 102- Ned Evett, 103- Troy Passey, 104- Wil D. Kirkman, 105- Mary Frances Spears , 106- Heather Imlach , 107- Jan Boles & Projekt Locqa, 108- Surel Mitchell, Dave Thomas , Pauline Bothwell, Pete Grady, & Lorin Humphreys, 109- Missy Cory & Shelley Jund , 110- Elizabeth Hilton , 111- Reham A. Aarti , 112- Amber Grubb , 115- Molly Heyn ,116- The 5 Hour Church of Elvis / Susan Valiquette & Kay Seurat, 117 Kirsten Furlong & William Lewis , 118- Photographic Arts Collective (BSU) , 221- Trey McIntyre , 222 Amy Westover & Jennifer Wood , 223 Ben Browne, 223 Veiko Valencia, 224 Zac Halbert, 225 Richie Marke , 226 David Herbold , 227 Marianne Konvalinka , Zella Bardsley, Pam McKnight & Kevin Flynn, 228 Bryan Moore, 229 April Van DeGrift & Megan Laursen , 230 James Harper , 231 Deborah Hardee , 232 Alex Vega , 233 B. Love , 234 Tod Alan , 235 Sue Latta , 236 Saratops , 237 Karen Bubb, 237 Babs Case, 238 Tyler Bush , 239 Amanda Hamilton , 240 Ted Apel and Amanda Hamilton, 241 Sean Aucutt & Bob Neal, 242 Are City

    Alternative Spaces

    Josie Fretwell & Rachel Reichert , Hawk Sahlein and Collin Pfeifer , Seth Ogilvie, Adrian Kien , Gretchen Nishitani , Ali and Travis Ward , Amy O’Brien and Kerry Tullis , Treasure Valley Artists Alliance , B. Love , Gretchen Nishitani

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  • Mad Men and Martinis- February

    February 13th, 2010 by webAdmin

    February’s Mad Men and Martinis kicked off with a Mahi Thai and an order of Oyster Rockfeller. Guests we once again encouraged to dress up and participate in the Mad Men costume contest, photographed by Rachel Reichert and Seth Ogilvie. This month participants were photographed in the Modern Hotel’s lobby. Contestants were encouraged to interact with the varying tabletop accessories (i.e. booze, Lucky Strikes and mid century fare), emphasizing the recurring indulgence of such substances throughout the series.

    Please cast your vote for best dressed/ persona male and female. Cast your vote in the comment section of this post.

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