This week on our Modern Art blog we have a lovely reminiscence for you to enjoy. If you don’t know of Ali Ward, it is our pleasure to introduce her to you. She is an amazing member of our Boise community who defies categorization, but we’ll give it a shot: High School Science Teacher, Multi-instrumentalist (including, but not limited to, the singing saw, banjo and washboard), beautiful Harmonist, Gardener, Uber-Mom, and Artist. That’s just to name of few.

In 2010, she created a natural entrance for Modern Art. It allowed all of us to start our evening on the just the right foot. Enjoy these photos of her work and then watch the video of her band, Hillfolk Noir, singing for us later that day. Also be sure to check more out about the Hillfolk Noir via the following links, and don’t miss them at the upcoming Treefort Music Festival.

various artists 2009 featuring Hillfolk Noir from Curators on Vimeo.