I can’t think of a better spring pastime than drinking local beer. If that’s your idea of fun, too, come and visit the Modern, where you can ride a bike to some of the

Idaho Beer

best local breweries in the west. Need additional encouragement? Here are ten of my reasons to check out our local beer scene:

  1. Beer isn’t expensive.
  2. Beer has no pretense.
  3. Beer is communal, uniting hippies, yuggies (young urban granola), granolas or business types. A taco truck and a beer could make friends of us all.
  4. If you happen to spill it on your shoes or shirt, good beer doesn’t smell that bad the next day.
  5. The west makes the best beer in the country.
  6. If you walk or ride your bike to each location in Boise with great beer, the exercise will balance out the added calories you’ll consume, resulting in a zero weight gain.
  7. Beer isn’t fussy (and please, let’s try not to make it that way.) My palate loves a beer with flavor. Personally, I like my beer on the hoppy side, but I also love a good porter or a stout. [I don’t want to say it has good legs, unless you can
  8. Even gluten-free beer can taste good.
  9. My grandpa drank cheap beer, and like so many of us, he knew that even bad beer tastes good when you’re with someone you love.
  10. Beer pairs well with many of the Modern Hotel’s appetizers and dinners. Charcuterie and beer? I say yes! Mushroom empanada and a Payette Brewing North Fork? Oui. Lamb Birria and beer? You betcha! Ginger Pork Bánh Mi? No problem!

Some local breweries to check out:

  • Woodland Empire
  • Boise Brewing Co
  • Highlands Hollow
  • Payette Brewing CO.
  • Sockeye Brewing
  • Crooked Fence Brewing