burning lamb at tree fort

One of Treefort’s most popular events showcases Boise’s unique culture and highlights its rich Basque history; “Burning Lamb.” This traditionally inspired Basque celebration is a food event like no other, offering whole lamb on the spit, grilled chorizo, solomo and of course, campsite cocktails. Dan Ansotegui, the architect of the event along with Elizabeth Tullis wanted to create an authentic Basque experience for the city of Boise while infusing a large part of the Basque culture from Spain into every meal.

“I’m largely Basque, and my grandparents on both sides came out here with the many others who migrated from Spain in the early 1900’s,” Ansotegui said, “They came out here to herd sheep, so lamb became a big part of Basque families out here in Idaho. Lamb has always been a big thing in our family, and my grandmother Epi, who has a restaurant named after her out in Meridian, had this great rub that really brought out the best in lamb.”burning lamb 2017

Fortunately for the people of Boise, Ansotegui plans to carry on the tradition and make “Burning Lamb” a staple for festival-goers. “This year, we got together and decided to do it at Treefort due to the events growing success. So we’re doing Burning Lamb here, the lamb on the spit, along with pork loin, which we call solomo, and it’s marinated with the red pepper paste, garlic, salt, and goodness.”