Part al fresco entertainment, part gourmet barbecue, CAMP Modern is the hotel’s headquarters for all things Treefort during the three-day arts and music festival. Laid back, fun, and funky, CAMP Modern is a great way to edge your way out onto a Treefort branch; or, if nice and easy’s not your thing, it’s a good place to keep the Treefort vibe going in between, you know, jamming, mosh-pitting, and grooving in general (we admittedly are not up on our concert lingo).  

CAMP Modern’s Second-Chance Stage is a Treefort favorite. Perched on wooden benches set up campfire-style around the stage, fans enjoy an unusually intimate concert experience with Treefort bands who stop by to play in between the festival’s regular lineup.

As usual, folks can get Treefort-inspired drinks and nosh either inside the bar or outside at the camp setup—including tender, crisply barbecued lamb, aka Burning Lamb, an annual feature of CAMP Modern. The firepits are a great place to warm up (it’s March in Idaho; this ain’t no Coachella) with specialty drinks and food created by our award-winning kitchen and bar team.

The stage, and CAMP Modern, runs Friday (1-9), Saturday (12-10), and Sunday (1-9). C’mon, Treefort: Boise’s ready.