Stories are central to the Modern Hotel. Our story is planted deep in Idaho, in the rich history of the west, Basque boarding houses, sheep herding, immigration, the American dream and stories told around the campfire by pioneers. We tell the story of how the Modern came to exist each time a guest inquires about the pictures on the wall.

Beginning this summer, the Modern Hotel and Boise Radio will host Campfire Stories, produced by Christian Winn, who has invited writers from around Idaho to read their work. Christian, who also produces Storyfort, the literary add-on to Treefort Music Fest.

Original fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenplays and more will be offered from Boise’s rich literary community.  On Monday nights throughout the summer and fall, you camp out around the fires in the courtyard of the Modern Hotel and hear the best writers Idaho has to offer.

Update: As of 2018, Campfire Stories is held at our sibling restaurant Txikiteo, one block north of the Modern, in the Watercooler Building, on the corner of 14th and Idaho streets.

Campfire Stories over the years: