The Modern Bar and Restaurant, will begin offering select items from their food and beverage menu for twice-a-week, contact-less curbside pick up or delivery. Beginning May 1, customers can order on for Tuesday and Friday service. 

The Modern is known for its emphasis on community engagement, and on top-notch, locally-sourced ingredients. These priorities are particularly appropriate during the pandemic, which has hurt Boiseans physically and economically. 

“The Modern team wants to bring its customers good, nutritious food prepared from local ingredients, to keep our circle of purveyors alive and ease the stress of life at home under a shutdown,” said Rémi Courcenet, Modern’s food and beverage manager. “Life has changed dramatically for a lot of people. At the end of a long day working at home, entertaining the kids, supervising school-work, worrying about their health or their loved ones, people deserve a peaceful evening, meals prepared by a professional chef with quality ingredients, delivered to their doorstep or available for easy pick-up.” 

Bonus: customers can order a signature Modern cocktail, or wine or beer from the Modern’s list, to complement their dinner.

The Modern’s reliance on local suppliers benefits Treasure Valley businesses hurt by the shutdown, many of whom have been devastated by restaurant closures during the pandemic.

“And truth be told, we miss our customers as much as they miss us,” said Erika Sather-Smith, Modern’s operations manager. “We just kept hearing from our regulars, checking in to see how things were, reminiscing about their favorite dishes or cocktails, and we thought, this benefits all of us.”

Courcenet says customers will put the finishing touches on their meals at home—which means that while the service is currently limited to Tuesdays and Fridays, customers still have some flexibility in deciding when to use the meals throughout the week. 

It will be some time before folks can gather around the fire pit on the Modern’s patio, or meet friends in the bar. The Modern team continues to do its part to flatten the curve, to keep staff and customers safe, and always will. “But we’re happy to bring the Modern to you if you can’t come and enjoy it,” says Courcenet.