Passion comes in many forms. People fall in crazy love with the oddest things—dogs, obscure hobbies, other people—and one of the symptoms of passionate love is that it can’t be contained: it demands to be shared with the world, and bursts out of you at the most inconvenient places and times.

At the Modern, we love food and we love you, and we’re not embarrassed to say so! On Valentine’s Day, that annual celebration of unrestrained expressions of love, we’re bringing our two loves (you + food) together, with a five-course meal dotingly designed to showcase a particular culinary devotion of one of our chefs, matched with an appropriate drink pairing.  

As with all great lovers, our chefs are inventive and surprising, ever-resourceful and never threatening. You can trust, they will lull you down the culinary path to remarkable experiences, and when the night is over, an ingredient or dish you never considered could become your own new obsession.

There will be two seatings (Friday, February 14), one at 6 and one at 9, by reservation only. A 5-Course Prix Fixe Menu ($85/person) + an optional Drink Pairing ($40/person) will be served.

Everybody loves something. Come to the Modern on Valentine’s Day; bring someone you’re passionate about—or even just moderately fond of—and share the love. 

For reservations, email!