New Year’s Eve 2013 Menu
4 Courses Menu
$55/pers with a complimentary cocktail

Reservation Only 5pm and 8pm

(Price does not include gratuity)

Belgium Endive Salad
Shaved fennel, citrus, vinaigrette

Cotechino & Lentils
Served warm, leeks, carrots, onions


Pork Shoulder Tonnato
Chilled, aioli, oil poached tuna, capers, parsley

Steelhead Crudo
Chilled, lightly cured, celery, green olives, olive oil

Beet Carpaccio
Red & gold beets, arugula, parmesan, Banyuls wine vinegar


Braised Beef Cheeks
Cauliflower & rutabaga gratin, braised greens

Idaho Sturgeon
Chinese black bean sauce, wild mushrooms, brussel sprouts

Socca, raoted cauliflower, olive tapenade


Dark Chocolate Tart
Gingersnap crust

Pear Almond Tart
Cloverleaf Ice Cream



Cotechino (koh-TEH-kee-noh) is an italian stuffed sausage in which a pig’s gut is stuffed with a mixture of lean pork, fat, rind, spices and aromatic herbs. Eaten with lentils, it traditionally brings luck. It could be considered the cured meat par excellence and it is certainly one of the great traditional foods of Modena Italy.

Crudo means “raw” in both Italian and Spanish and generally refers to raw fish, sliced and lightly dressed with oil and with hints of acid or spice (for example: olive oil, salt and lemon)

Tonnato is a well-known Italian (from Piedmont) dish of cold, sliced pork covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavored with tuna, anchovies, cayenne pepper, lemon juice.  It is served chilled.