With the fast approach of Treefort, we turn our focus to some of the people involved in making Burning Lamb a reality.

Purple Sage Farms is a family owned and operated organic farm in Middleton, Idaho. Since 1988 they have been growing fresh herbs, greens, and specialty produce in greenhouses and also raising grass-fed, hormone- and-antibiotic-free sheep, goats and cattle. The farm provides the Modern kitchen with produce year round and raises the sheep that we use for Burning Lamb.

It is important to both the Modern staff and our guests that we know where our food comes from. It is valuable to us to have a better understanding of the best farming practices, as well as, the difficulties local farmers face in trying to provide organically grown and locally sourced food. It is also just plain fun to spend time on the farm.

With that in mind, some of the Modern crew headed out to take a tour of Purple Sage Farms in Middleton. We wanted to experience first hand where our food and lambs come from and visit with the people who are responsible for growing and raising them.

Upon arrival to the farm Tim Sommer and his son Mike warmly welcomed us. We felt instantly comfortable among the hoop houses and farm equipment. They immediately stopped their chores to come talk with us and gave us a wonderful tour of their farm while chatting with us about what it means to be a farmer in 2017.

We share a common purpose for making “local” not just a hip word of the moment, but a commonplace occurrence. Local to Tim means, “doing things the hard way, the right way”. This simple motto resonates in their practice of crop rotation and diversity, local education, and the regional responsibility of consumers to support locally grown food. By 2020, it is their hope that 22% of the food consumed will be grown locally. Today only .5% is locally grown.

It is their sense of pride in Idaho grown food, Idaho people and their Idaho home that resonated most with us. We are proud to be their partner in this endeavor and grateful for their commitment and hard work in supplying us with healthy locally grown food, delicious lambs and a really fun fieldtrip to the farm.

Join us for Burning Lamb March 24, 25 & 26 and enjoy the outcome of all their hard work and dedication.