From Hubert Le Blonen azken hegaldia

It’s late. You checked in to the Modern and made your way to your room. After you’ve entered the room, flipped on the light, dropped your bags on the floor, and fallen back on the bed, your hand flops around the nightstand to conjure up the TV remote. Turning it on on you see what seems like a strange transmission in a strange language, complete with subtitles. If you can resist the urge to switch to late-night talk, you’re about to catch a glimpse of a rare, cinematic treat—Basque Short Films.


From Oiartzun

The latest installment of 39 Rooms Film Festival Films, the Modern Hotel & Bar’s ongoing, in-room film festival is featuring Basque Short Films. Launched this summer in honor of Jaialdi 2015, the recurring festival that celebrates Boise culture’s deep Basque connections, these short films span a range of comedy, drama, poetic, and animation that bring to life modern takes on Basque life.

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From Democracia

Here’s a list of what you just might be watching. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

Soroa: Directed by Asier Altuna

A stunning visual poem of sun, wind, arid soil, and prayers for rain.

Democracia: Directed by Borja Cobeaga

Black comedy about a daring plan for keeping the workers’ morale high.

Abuztua: Directed by Pello Gutierrez

A tale about a boy taking care of his comatose Grandmother that skillfully navigates the border between love and horror.

Hubert Le Blonen azken hegaldia: Directed by Koldo Amandoz

Animated documentary about the life and death of an early 20th century Icarus.


Colera: Directed by Aritz Moreno

“Colera” is based on “Terminated,” a comic story about an unaccepting village.

Oiartzun: Directed by Julen Agirre Egibar

Offbeat animation about a woman and a gramophone—and fire.

Forgotten Times: Directed by Alberto Catenacci

First-person accounts that evoke the diversity and complexity of of Basque migration and the return to Euskadi.

Elkartea (The Society): Directed by Kote Camacho

A group of old friends get together for dinner, discovering one of them is now down on his luck. Dinner won’t be as comfortable as expected.

Una Hora, Un Paso: Directed by Bernat Gual and Aitor Iturriza

A team of reporters enters a prison where Juan has been held for 17 years. Something terrible is about to happen.

Zela Trovke: Directed by Asier Altuna

A documentary about Basque musicians performing an old Slovak ‘moritat’, a type of ballad that narrates the events surrounding a murder.

Arconada: Directed by Asier Urbieta

An evocative coming-of-age film about a color blind boy who hopes to become a great football goalie.

A Loving Neighbor: Directed by Pello Varela

A playwright hopes to enlist the help of an actorScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.16.23 PM for a historical work set during the inquisition.