Burning Lamb 2017

One of Treefort’s most popular events showcases Boise’s unique culture and highlights its rich Basque history; “Burning Lamb.” This traditionally inspired Basque celebration is a food event like no other, offering whole lamb on the spit, grilled chorizo, solomo and of course, campsite cocktails. Dan Ansotegui, the architect of the event along with Elizabeth Tullis […]

What No One Tells You About “Burning Lamb”

Burning Lamb Menu

Boise has been getting national recognition over the last five years, and for good reason. Whether it’s the local breweries, homegrown food, the city’s love for the outdoors, or the booming downtown, Boise has a little something for everyone. One event in particular has done more to pique interest in Boise than many of the […]

Writing Contest

Join us for the final 2015 installment of Modern Campfire Stories. Why? Because Alan Heathcock and Christian Winn will be reading seriously creepy fiction. Because there will be a kick-ass scary hotel-based micro-fiction contest. Because if you come in costume you receive happy hour prices all during the event. And because there will be crazy-freaky-writerly […]

Negroni Week – Drinking for a Cause

Drink with a purpose this week – and we’re not talking about just getting a buzz. June 1-7 is Negroni Week, brought to you by Imbibe Magazine. Nationwide, bars are donating a portion of the proceeds from each Negroni cocktail purchased, with funds going to charities of their choice. The Modern Hotel and Bar’s pick […]

The First In-Room Film Festival: 39 Rooms

The First In-Room Film Festival: 39 Rooms Boise, Idaho – February 20, 2015 – The Modern Hotel and Bar present the first in-room film festival. . The Modern Hotel and Bar has recently launched what is possibly the first “in-room” film festival. Over the past year and a half the Modern has–with the help of […]


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Campfire Stories at the Modern Hotel

Stories are central to the Modern Hotel.  We tell the story of how the Modern came to exist each time a guest inquires about the pictures on the wall. Our story is planted deep in Idaho, in the rich history of the west, Basque boarding houses, sheep herding, immigration, the American dream and stories told around […]

Modern Art and the Boise Bicycle Project

Only three days left until Modern Art 2014 and things are heating up. This year we are please to be included in “24 Bicycles in 24 Hours” sponsored by the Boise Bicycle Project and Boise Gives. Their goal is to give 24 bicycles to 24 children who otherwise couldn’t afford one. The bike in our […]