The Mad Men Affair – Vote for Best Dressed Male

With a mid-century food and cocktail menu featuring drinks like the Mint Julep and the Rye Manhattan, Mad Men and Martinis January 2010- was a riot. Party goers were asked to dress up and compete for best dressed. In keeping with the recurring theme of Luck Strikes, Booze and scandalous affairs- Rachel Reichert shot a […]

Cameron's Kick- Modern Cocktail

httpv:// Cameron’s Kick, Late 1920’s Little is known of the origin of the Cameron’s Kick. We don’t know who created it or what inspired this unlikely combination. We do know it was recorded in two London cocktail manuals in the1930s. This sour-type cocktail uses unusual ingredients and is well-balanced and easy to drink. Irish Whiskey, […]

Finn Riggins Stops in at The Modern Hotel

Finn Riggins, Photo by Sam Guerrero Boise’s Finn Riggins has been touring the U.S. relentlessly in support of its debut full length A SOLDIER, A SAINT, AN OCEAN EXPLORER released Nov. 13th 2007 on Portland-based indie record label Tender Loving Empire. In 2008 alone, Finn Riggins played over 200 shows in 35 different states, including […]

Saturdays Modern BBQ !!!!

Yummy!! BBQ the Modern way from 6-9pm Enjoy a tasty beverage under the patio misters while listening to the sound of Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats in the courtyard Chef Sean Campbell grills up buttermilk marinated chicken breasts with pomegranate BBQ glaze served on grilled focaccia with organic lettuce, onion and tomato. Or Enjoy […]