Community Event

Friday, March 15th | Visual Arts Collective | Doors at 7 pm, Show at 8 pm. $20
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Exceedingly scarce, cagey, and damn-near impossible to track, the musical outfit Bird in Hand will be showcasing the funk and jazz-steeped tunes from frontman Ty Clayton’s long-awaited, bluesy debut album “An Animist Hymnal.”

Co-conspirators for this rare and memorable night of music will include the mellifluous voice of David Henry & his irreverent troupe of ne’er-do-wells, as well as the soulful swagger of The Ashley Rose Band! Not to be missed.

Bird(s) In Hand:

Elliot Kuhlgreen (Upright Bass)

Ty Clayton (Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin)

Scott Tyler (Mandolin)

Neal Goldberg (Guitar, Vocals)

Lindsey Hunt (Vocals, Violin)

Ali Knox (Vocals)

Jason Grazian (Drums)

Matt Takiff (Saxophone)