Modern Event

The last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in March (aka Treefort!), the Modern hosts Camp Modern with a FREE stage in downtown Boise’s Linen District, on Grove Street between 13th and 14th streets!

Camp Modern features amazing food and drinks, and fun for the whole family! Our Second-Chance Stage (schedule TBA!) gives music fans a chance to enjoy an unusually intimate concert experience with Treefort bands who stop by to play in between the festival’s regular lineup. No tickets or wristbands required!
In the weeks leading up to Camp Modern, our kitchen and bar team are busy stoking the camp menus with food and cocktails made from seasonal, locally-sourced and foraged ingredients! 

Camp Modern Opens

Friday – 1pm (outside) / 4pm (inside)

Saturday – 10am (inside) / 12pm (outside)

Sunday – 10am (inside) / 12pm (outside)