Modern Event

This May to October, Campfire Stories returns to the Modern!

Join us around the fires in the Modern courtyard every second Sunday to experience this intimate storytelling event.

Sunday, August 11 Featured Artists:

Erin Rose Belair, and the From Boise crew Featuring Marissa Lovell, Julie Sarasqueta, Amanda Patchin

Erin Rose Belair

A writer, from the coffee to the grave. Less of a vocation and more of a veneration. Erin Rose is a multi-genre writer exploring the boundaries of her craft. She received her MFA in fiction where she wrote, Vinegar, her first collection of short stories. Stories from this collection have been published in Greensboro Review, Juked, Green Hills, Southern Indiana Review, and have won awards with Glimmer Train and Narrative.

Her first book, The Blue Years, a lyrical essay collection, was published in March of this year. She is currently editing her first novel, CULLING, and is busy raising her son and hosting international writing retreats with her company Trust and Travel. You can follow along at @roseblacque.

Here are links to things:

The Blue Years:

Trust and Travel Writing Retreats:

My IG:

Marissa Lovell

Marissa Lovell runs From Boise, a weekly newsletter and podcast about people, places, history and happenings in Boise, Idaho. She loves nature, music, hot sauce, and Halloween.

From Boise is a 2x weekly newsletter and podcast about what’s going on in Boise. Every Tuesday, we share a story about a person, place, piece of Boise history or upcoming happening. Every Thursday, we curate a huge list of fun things to do over the weekend. Subscribe for free at 

From Boise faves: 

The life & legacy of Surel Mitchell

Two new wine experiences

The Idaho Film Society

Portals to Boise history

Voir la place boisée

Bookstores of the Treasure Valley

Julie Sarasqueta

Julie Sarasqueta is a writer and longtime Boisean. Working with From Boise allows her to indulge in her favorite topics: Idaho history and people with fascinating stories. 

Portals to Boise History:

Meet Idaho Candy Company:

Marriage & Murder:

Amanda Patchin

Amanda Patchin lives in Boise, is an inveterate bookdragon, and an Idaho Native who grew up in a log cabin in the forest near Priest Lake. She has more opinions than she knows what to do with and is enthusiastic about permaculture, poetry, and having red wine and chocolate for dessert.