Community Event

Divine Lotus Tea Company will host a pop-up shop at Txikiteo on Tuesday, November 6 from 5-7pm.

Handmade teas and herbal tisanes (a fancy and more accurate medicinal term for herbal teas) will be there to sample and to take home to blend into your wellness routine.

Toni Hodge, master herbalist, will be there ready to answer any questions about her blends; and she loves to share information about the health benefits of the tea plant.

All of Toni’s teas are conscientiously and generously endowed with healing properties in the herb selections. That said, they are gentle and can be consumed regularly for pleasure.

About Divine Lotus Tea, and the work Toni does to create original, delicious, and healing teas:

“We believe that everything we put into our bodies should be free of chemicals and we work toward that end. Our herbal teas are all blended with organic herbs and our exotic teas are either certified organic or are grown and processed in the same way they would have been a thousand years ago. If it’s not the best, it won’t display the Divine Lotus label.

“Our herbal blends are all original; you will not find them anywhere else. Under Toni’s care, these blends have evolved over the years until each blend has its own unique flavor and healing properties.”