Community Event
Stop by Gallery CTA — inside CTA Architects Engineers – Boise‘ 8th-floor office in the Zions Bank Building, 800 W. Main St. — to celebrate First Thursday with a reception featuring artist Kathleen Probst.



Kathleen Probst is a self-taught artist with a home studio in Eagle, Idaho. She constructs abstract imaginings with hand-dyed cotton. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries primarily in the United States, including Visions Art Museum, the Schweinfurth Art Center, the Whistler House Art Museum, and the Carnegie Center for Art and History. Probst has public art installations in Boise and her artwork is included in the Boise Visual Chronicle collection. For more info, visit



“My work is essentially an exploration of hard-edge abstraction. These engineered constructions are softened by the fabric I use to create them, a perfect combination of male and female energies. Part of my narrative is the medium I choose to work in. Leaning toward minimalism, I find satisfaction in paring down my compositions.

Each composition is a visual haiku with every shape and color playing a part. Nothing is extraneous. The bends and folds of my recent work are reminiscent of origami. The sculptural environment allows space for the unexpected to happen. Ordinary edges and nooks become interesting.”