Community Attraction
Meriwether Cider Co. in Garden City, ID is expanding their operation to downtown Boise at 224 N. 9th St. where they will open the state’s first Cider House, serving the largest selection of craft ciders in Idaho.

The Meriwether Cider House will have 20 taps featuring their own ciders as well as other local, regional, and international ciders. They also plan on maintaining a selection of 30-40 bottled ciders from around the world, either to take home or drink at the bar. There are currently less than 30 Cider Houses in the United States, putting Meriwether’s new cider house at the front of a growing and increasingly popular movement.

We will be the FIRST Cider House in the state of Idaho and among less than 30 nationwide.

“We want to highlight the diversity and rich cider culture both in the USA and around the world. We hope to provide Boise with a well-rounded cider education through the cider house concept,” says Kate Leadbetter one of the owners and founders of Meriwether Cider.
We also have a large selection of unique bottled ciders for consuming on-site or at home.

The building features a small outdoor patio with an inside/outside bar top facing Bannock St. It also includes seating inside both on the ground floor and an upstairs event room.