Community Event

The Spill is coming to town. 4 Real!

This time the storytelling event will be about Artificial Wonderlands, places that seem to shimmer and sparkle, but soon show a grimy reality. We’ll start the amazing poetry of Debbra Palmer, with a selection of poems that show us her interpretation of that false sheen. Then the audience is invited to tell a 5 minute true story related to artificial wonderlands.

Artificial Wonderland topics to possibly inspire you:
-workplaces that seems perfect, then turned petulant
-dream vacations gone dreadful
-heroes you worshipped, then became disappointments
-fiction/fantasy worlds, turnt from sweet to sour
-destinations turned disaster
-holiday and seasonal experiences that were A LOT

Festivities start at 8. sign ups are at 7:30 and through out the night. Door is $3. PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa will be serving libations. Come check it out!