Community Event

Second Chance shows are officially unofficial Treefort shows – and they’re free!

You know when you’re making your schedule and you were all like “I cannot miss this band”, but then the other show you were at was poppin’ off and you definitely missed that band? We’ve all been there and that’s why Second Chance shows at Treefort Music Fest are the BEST! Some of these shows are not “technically” part of Treefort – they are hosted by our friends, pals and partners and give you a chance to see an artist you may have missed due to conflicts in your schedule. All Second Chance shows are free and open to the public!

Showcases are put together by our festival friends! We partner with other festivals and arts organizations to curate showcases that highlight various artists. Some Showcases will require a Festival Pass or a door cover, and some showcases may be 18+ or 21+ depending on the venue.

Check out all the Treefort Second Chance Shows & Showcases here: