Community Event

OPENING EVENT Friday, March 15th, 7-9PM

Andie Frosch, Christa Howarth, Claire Quade, Ellis Locke, Laura Feeney, Mary K Johnson, Matthew Kennedy, Ryan Simmons, Teal Gardner, Tim Andreae, Samantha Price

March 15 – April 20, 2024, The Ecogeoglyphic Observatory will transform MING Studios gallery into Visitors Center – an invitation to establish and re-establish a connection to the Boise Valley and its surroundings. Riffing off of the ubiquitous ‘visitor’s center’ that marks any tourist attraction, historical site, or natural feature of interest, this show focuses on the Boise Valley as a site of profound importance and inestimable value. The Boise Valley continues to transform through the pressures of urban and suburban development, climate change, and a population surge. Visitors Center will present tools for sensitizing to this unique place. Sensitizing is a process of opening doors to a deeper sense of belonging and, through this, of care. We wonder what it means to be truly sensitive to a place; to have a personal connection to the natural living systems; to know its human histories, to delve into the dynamics at play in the present, and to dream sustainable, interdependent futures. Conversely, we wonder about the repercussions of desensitization.

The Ecogeoglyphic Observatory is a collective of artists, scientists, historians, writers, renters, parents, therapists, teachers, and more. This is their second exhibition at MING Studios.

Please see for more information, and follow the project on Instagram @ecogeoglyphic.observatory