Community Attraction

you know the place


On our daily commutes, we pass by hundreds of shops, stores, and other locations we’ve never once visited. Who are the clientele? How long have they been in business? How do they compete with online retailers or other local shops? What do they even sell there?

“That sounds like an idea for a podcast,” we said. “I mean, if someone knew what they were doing.”

So we set out to make it. But we’re not journalists. We’re Lacey Daley and Joel Wayne, two writer friends who met in Boise State’s MFA program a number of years ago. We’re the co-host/co-producers of “You Know The Place.” And we’re exploring Idaho shops, stores, clubs, and pubs one week at a time. We have no idea what we’re doing … but we hope you’ll join us.

Listen to Season One and Season Two here or wherever podcasts live!