Mad Men Cars (and bicycles)

When planning the last Mad Men affair, we had visions of the Modern parking lot filled with mid-century cars and motorcycles. We hoped for an entire display of the mid-century lifestyle- from transportation to dress.Being the last Mad Men party, it should go out with bang (or a rumble).

Unfortunately, sheets of rain, sleet and snow draped our parking lot up until minutes before the event was set to begin, detouring most motor-enthusiasts. The only car collector unwilling to surrender to the elements, drove over 50 miles to participate in Mad Men Cars. As an avid collector of the American automobile, this unnamed enthusiast only collects 1963 autos. Three out of twenty three cars were driven down for this month’s Mad Men photo shoot.

In keeping of this month’s theme “modern transpiration”, hotel owned bicycles were used as props upon the departure of our three generous cars.