In 2008, the Modern Hotel and a handful of Boise’s finest artists and performers created a unique community experience, packing 21 of the Modern Hotel rooms with art.

The work ranged from performance art and dance to a wide variety of visual art including: abstract, photography, realism, stained glass, and metal sculpture.

2008 Modern Art Artists:

Kirsten Furlong, Jon Sadler, Charles Gill, Grant Olsen, Troy Passey, Karen Woods, Rachel Reichert, Michelle Keller, Amy Westover, Jennifer Wood, Karen Bubb, Anabel Armstrong, Boise State Photography Club, Trey McIntyre Project, Heather Hansen, Star Moxley, Surel Mitchell, Michael Baltzer, Boise State Art Metals Club, Richard Rush, Kate Masterson, Kerry Tullis, Amy O’Brien, Matthew Cameron Clark, Andy Lawless, William D. Lewis, Kevan Smith, Irene Deely, and Jon Swarthout