The Modern Hotel

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39 Rooms Film Festival: All Roads Lead Home, Idaho

5 Films, 5 Filmmakers

Saturday, April 12 at 5:00 p.m.

They say all roads lead home, and with our first showcase of the 39 Rooms Festival, we offer you a peek at the work of five filmmakers, each focusing on our roots: our home, Idaho.

39 Rooms Film Festival is a year-around, revolving showcase of films presented in a unique venue: a hotel room. Each of the 39 rooms at the Modern Hotel will feature a select group of films for an entire year.  In addition to local fare, 39 Rooms will also venture into the wilds outside of Idaho with national and international films.

During our first event at the SesquiShop, the Modern Bar will host light snacks, along with a no-host bar featuring a signature cocktail in honor of the event. Following the short film program, the filmmakers will be present to answer questions.


Featured Films


Directed by Drew Bachrach

In this celebration of Idaho landscape and youth, Bachrach, an LA filmmaker, focuses on the experience of growing up in Arco, near Craters of the Moon.


Directed by Ronn Sidenglanz

A beautiful documentary about an unique ride from Idaho City to Boise.


Directed by Emily Sandifer

The Civil War moves west of the Rockies, in a film whose themes resonate with issues faced by today’s soldiers returning home from conflicts abroad.


Directed by Chaz Gentry

A boy follows the object of his infatuation into the night in a film combining art and dark poetry, good and evil.



Directed by Phil Atlakson

Filmed in Garden Valley and based on a true story, this is the tale of an outsider with a reputation as a bully. But things aren’t exactly what they seem to be in this well crafted, finely acted film.

We welcome you to join us at the Sesqui-Shop for our first presentation. Following this event, you can view these selected Idaho films inside the Modern Hotel.

Space will be limited, so please arrive early.