Judas Arrieta hails from Euskal Herria, or what most people call Basque Country. He has become increasingly famous amongst the Boise locals for his one-of-a-kind works of art. Known for creating such beautiful work as Boiseland, he considers himself a voice for the many people who don’t know how to express themselves.

The deeper you dive into his work, you’ll find noticeable influences from great classical painters and artists. He twists the classic form and incorporates stylistic nuances of cartoonists, manga comics, designers, poets and writers, television icons, movie heroes, and video game characters. “I’m a painter,” Arrieta claims, “basically, what I do is enjoy. For me, art is a way to grow up, to enjoy life and to show everybody my happiness.”

This summer, Arrieta will be spending his time in Boise, and lending his artistic abilities to the Modern in the form of a custom crafted work of art on the back wall of the hotel. “Being in the Modern is amazing for me because I arrived in Boise last summer to make a studio without knowing what would happen. Now, I’m invited to come to the Modern after being here a year. To be here is a pleasure.”


As a child growing up in the Basque Country, Arrieta saw imagery depicting ‘The West’ in comic books. To him, the western United States was a place of history and wonder, nearly fantasy. Now, after experiencing the American lifestyle, he attempts to reflect the vital and aesthetic experiences of his generation through art.

“The first time I visited the Modern, I knew it was a special place. I’m always trying to find companies and enterprises who want to do these kinds of things… the Modern does an excellent job of not only providing rooms and food, but they provide a great experience.”

Representing a culture that is so heavily influenced by social, economic and cultural changes is no small feat. But somehow, Arrieta manages to blend stereotypes, pop culture, and history into a melting pot of astonishing imagery.

Arrieta’s work of art is on display at the Modern Hotel, and Bar and visitors are welcome to stop by for a handcrafted cocktail, a hot plate of locally-sourced cuisine and see his masterful modern designs.