Modern Event

In 2023, Campfire Stories returns to the Modern Bar for a seventh season! Join us in the courtyard for the first show on August 14 from 7-9 p.m.

Featured Artists

tai simpson

“The Storyteller” is tai simpson’s name in the Indigenous language of the Nez Perce Tribe. Her heartwork in the community is serving as an organizer for the Indigenous Idaho Alliance. She participates in Collective Stewardship as a Co-director with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence. For fifteen years, tai has been an antiracism activist and community organizer. She uses contemporary and traditional Indigenous storytelling to champion radical inclusion, equity, and liberation. Notably, she has a TEDxBoise talk exploring Indigenous beliefs as the basis for empowering and nurturing community. In 2019, she was pivotal in passing legislation to acknowledge the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women’s crisis in Idaho as well as centering Indigenous voices in policy work. In 2020, tai was cornerstone to the Black community by coordinating a vigil to honor the many Black lives lost at the hands of police violence; that organizing still carries forward today. Learn more at

Tomas Baiza

Tomás Baiza is originally from San José, California, and now finds himself in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of the novel, Delivery: A Pocho’s Accidental Guide to College, Love, and Pizza Delivery (Running Wild Press, 2023), and the collection A Purpose to Our Savagery (RIZE Press, 2023). Tomás’s work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best American Short Stories anthologies and has appeared in various print and online anthologies and journals. Tomás has fenced in Italy, been rescued by helicopter from the Sierra Nevada, fended off wild dogs while hitchhiking in rural Morelos, México, and once delivered pizzas to a Klingon-themed orgy at a sci-fi convention. When he is not writing, Tomás is running trails, obsessing over bonsai trees, and playing guitar way too loud.