Modern Event

In 2023, Campfire Stories returns to the Modern Bar for a seventh season! Join us in the courtyard on October 9 from 7-9 p.m.

Featured Artists

Allison Maier

Allison Maier is a Boise-based writer with a background in newsrooms, nonprofits, and libraries. Her stories have been featured at Scaryfort, Death Rattle Writers Festival, Story Story Night, and a handful of other literary publications and gatherings.

Rebecca Evans

Evans is a memoirist, poet, and essayist. She’s a military veteran, a serious gardener, and talks to ghosts. Frequently. These other-worldly encounters prove succulent and spicey, rarely spooky, sometimes encouraging. You can find her struggling with a phrase in her hammock, under the stairwell, or stuck in a fluffy chair. She teaches. A lot. Her poems and essays are published in some lovely lit journals, like The Rumpus and Narratively. You can also read her work in a few anthologies. She co-hosts a radio show, Writer to Writer, on Radio Boise and lives in Idaho with sons and Newfoundlands and a squawky Calico cat. Her recent book, TANGLED BY BLOOD, a memoir in verse, is available wherever fine books are sold.

Ariel Vazquez

Ariel Vazquez earned her Bachelors at The College of Idaho in History and has spent her time since traveling, working seasonally and helping reopen the Modern Bar in 2021. She is an aspiring writer currently working on her first novel, a historical fiction about witches. In her free time she rescues her insane cat from trees, walks her living muppet of a dog, and kisses the cook… because her husband is a chef.  She is excited to show you all what she’s been working on and welcome you to the Modern Bar patio one last time to kick off spooky season!