letter from room 235

hi there, i am writing from room 235 where i just returned after a very lovely dinner and concert on the patio. i am just so in love with everything about your fine hotel that i HAD to write, right now, and tell you all. when we told friends we were traveling to boise to […]

And the best …

And the best fast food in America is.. gqm.ag/LGOUqc @SteelCitySndwch @momomilkbar @shakeshack @Scarpetta @madcapcoffee @modernhotel — GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) June 22, 2012  

Food, Drinks and Art!

3 of our favorite things combined with 3 of our favorite Food Trucks… Modern Art is rapidly approaching and what does a hungry art lover do when she doesn’t want to tear herself her away from the awesomeness that is Modern Art? Relax, this year we have your back. Or your belly. The Boise Fry […]

Modern Artists not confined to their rooms!

Modern Art 2012 at the Modern Hotel May 3rd from 5-10p.m. For the last 4 years Modern Art at the Modern Hotel has happened on the First Thursday in May. Back in 2008, Michal Lloyd, the Manager of the Modern Hotel, thought it would be fun to turn over the Hotel to some artists for […]

Flash Mob breaks out at Modern Art

Modern Art 2012 First Thursday, May 3rd Modern Art 2011 went very smoothly for all with two to three thousand of our closest friends viewing the Artists work, enjoying a Modern cocktail and eyeing the delectable food trucks. There were many highlights to this spectacular event, but one of our favorite from 2011 was the […]

Is Amanda Hamilton Beautiful/Terrible?

Beautiful!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As you willl see in the following account, taken from her website, about her installation shown in Room 239 at Modern Art 2009! One day, an enormous Russian lake with an already peculiar history disappeared.  Yes, disappeared.  In the morning, it was there-the same evening, it was gone.  When artist Amanda Hamilton read the […]

Ali Ward paves the way….

This week on our Modern Art blog we have a lovely reminiscence for you to enjoy. If you don’t know of Ali Ward, it is our pleasure to introduce her to you. She is an amazing member of our Boise community who defies categorization, but we’ll give it a shot: High School Science Teacher, Multi-instrumentalist […]


Modern Art 2012 is rapidly approaching which gives us a fluttery feelings in our bellies.  It also allows us to visit the ghost of Modern Art past.  We particularly love this video shot and edited by Modern Art’s faithful documentarian, Andy Lawless.  It stars everyone’s favorite Renaissance Man, Michael Baltzell, and gives a great overview […]