Modern Attraction
39 Rooms Film Festival is a revolving showcase of the best new short films from all over the world.

It includes dramatic, documentary, experimental, and animated films. The program plays on a continuous loop in each of the 39 rooms of the Modern Hotel (on Channel 39, of course). If you enjoy the films, please let the front desk know so that we can relay your compliments to the filmmakers. The following is a brief summary of what’s currently playing on 39 Rooms Film Festival.

Preview synopsis and stills from the independent short films currently showing in each of our 39 rooms.


13 min. | Comedy | 2020 | Sweden

There’s a man floating around in an indoor swimming pool. The police order him to get out to be arrested, but the man refuses. Swimmer is a humorous film about a dramatic arrest that turns into an anticlimax.

Directed by Jonatan Etzler


30 min. | Drama | 2020 | Austria

Retiree Arthur has been lovingly caring for his seriously ill wife Martha. When the new Hungarian care worker Fabiu arrives, feelings of desire and repressed longing start to rise inside the old man.

Directed by Stefan Langthaler

The Extinction of Up

15 min. | Animation | 2021 | U.S.A

In a warped future where people only recognize each other by their shoes, two boys meet up in a park and discuss some of the weird and funny things that are happening in their lives.

Directed by Randy Boyum


11 min. | Drama | 2020 | Venezuela

A middle aged woman lives alone in her parent’s house. She attempts to get her siblings to help her with an inheritance declaration and invites a brother over to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. But nobody shows up.

Directed by Orangel Lugo

Call Me Back: The Uncommon Wisdom of Yvette Slosch

20 min. | Comedy | 2022 | U.S.A

Infamous NY talent agent, Yvette Slosch, is determined to make a star out of her newest client, jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein, despite his lack of name recognition, dwindling fan base, and a global pandemic.

Directed by Aaron Weinstein

A Dead Sea

12 min. | Drama | 2021 | Israel

An autistic Palestinian man travels with his sister to the Dead Sea in the hope that the seawater will help his psoriasis. Tragedy results when a young girl takes his beach ball and he is unable to communicate with her.

Directed by Nahd Bashir

I Will Always See Your Face

14 min. | Dance Film | 2022 | U.S.A

Ballet Idaho explores the spaces in and around a singular hotel room. In four vignettes distinct characters express their respective stories. Each episode embodies the emotional resonance they experience through classic songs.

Directed by Robyn Mineko Williams

Feeling Through

18 min. | Narrative | 2021 | U.S.A

A teen wanders the streets of New York desperate for a place to stay. He encounters a deaf and blind man who needs the teen’s help in getting home.

Directed by Doug Roland


16 min. | Comedy | 2021 | France

Ruined and abandoned by his wife, Francis is ready to do anything to win her back. With the help of his friend, Simon, he decides to kidnap Catarina, the wife of the man who ruined him.

Directed by Pierre Amstutz Roch


30 min. | Horror | 2021 | Iran

Based on a folk tale. A village man finds a piece of meat by chance. After cooking and eating it he searches for the same taste in other meats, but cannot control his impulses to reproduce the experience.

Directed by Karsa Tirsahar


Total Run Time: 3hr. 2 min. Advisory: these films contain adult themes and language.