Post Modern by artist Rachel Reichert will be unveiled this coming First Thursday, June 6th, the latest in the Modern’s Infinite Scroll series. The work, created specifically for the Boise hotel, is described by the artist as “a loop of self-referential half-truths, both a response to modernism, and inspired by what came before.”

In short, it’s the perfect piece for the Infinite Scroll series. This interactive public art hangs outside the building’s lobby, and features a handle for passers-by to turn, moving the image along its track and creating a loop of art. Works are changed out regularly; past artists include Grant Olsen, Kirsten Furlong, and Troy Passey.

Reichert’s piece features a sequence of Instagram-colored backgrounds overlaid by simple shapes that reference the historical architecture of cultures ancient and modern. “These concrete props, disembodied hands, and colorful backdrops are arranged for a fleeting moment when the shutter opens and closes. Arranged as a never-ending circle and built knowing that everything which has happened before will happen again…An infinite loop.”

Reichert is an award-winning artist, co-founder of Idaho’s Atlanta School, and the Cultural Sites Manager for the City of Boise’s Department of Arts and History. She will be on hand June 6 from 6-8 p.m. to talk to the public about Post Modern, and her work in general. Find her in Room 116, off the Modern courtyard.

On May 31, Reichert will take over the @modernhotel Instagram account to share her studio, work, and neighborhood!