Long, warm summer evenings are here, which mean it’s time for a new season of storytelling at Txikiteo. The Campfire Stories season premiere was June 10th, showcasing poet and nonfiction writer CL Young, and fiction writer Janalyn Guo.

Now in its sixth season, Campfire Stories began on the patio at The Modern and quickly became a sell-out favorite feature of summer in Boise. The event expanded and moved to Txikiteo last year; all 2019 Campfire Stories evenings take place on the patio at Txikiteo, with writers and storytellers from all genres telling tales loosely organized around a theme. Txikiteo’s signature tapas, charcuterie, and select wines and beers are available. The lineup is below, so mark your calendars for each month—we’ll see you around the firepit.


Image of a poster created for Campfire Stories sixth season at Txikiteo, produced by writer Christian Winn. in Boise, Idaho. Dates of events are June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 14, and October 31 of 2019.

June 10, 8-10 pm: CL Young (poetry/creative nonfiction); Janalyn Guo (fiction)

July 8, 8-10 pm: The West, feat. Kate Concannon and Amanda Peacher (journalism); The Basques, feat. John Bieter and Patty Miller.

August 12, 8-10 pm: Amanda Ranth (poetry); The Underserved: Veterans at the Margins, feat. Daniel Ortiz Lopez and Alice Marie Ivey (nonfiction)

September 9, 8-10 pm: Catherine Kyle (poetry/creative nonfiction/fiction); Rebecca Evans (fiction/nonfiction)

October 14, 8-10 pm: Lady Business, feat. Alisa Jenkins, Jinx Jenson (podcast/comedy) and Carl Della Badia (fiction)

October 31, 7-9 pm: Halloween, feat. Malia Collins (fiction/nonfiction); Kelly Harwood (nonfiction)

Photo of Txikiteo Charcuterie combo board with meat and cheese, pickled vegetables, mustards,  and bread from Acme Bakeshop taken from looking directly down at the table.